Eyes on Horizon 2020

Horizon2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation program ever, with €80 billion in funding. CBRA aims to play an active role in H2020.

This weekend I had to put efforts to produce the first CBRA Poster, around 1 meter high and maybe 0.6 meter wide, print-size to be agreed at the print-shop later today Monday – as on Wednesday there will be a poster – networking session at a Horizon 2020 security event, organized by relevant German institutes. For CBRA´s blog this means that instead of our ´regular weekly posting´, we will reproduce part of the new CBRA Poster here, just to provide the readers with a feeling on how we see the future of new research project topics and our roles and tasks within the projects. Categorically, we are looking for matching projects and consortia in security, transport and information and communication technology fields, during years 2015-2020. So far, we have been partners in two H2020 proposals, waiting for ´first news or rumors´ to come out in couple of months’ time.

For the rest of the blog entry, I would like to apologize about the ´bullet point –format´ - will not become a habit in CBRA´s blog in the future… First we list interesting project topics and themes, followed then by anticipated roles and tasks for CBRA. If any blog-reader has interest to co-operate on H2020 proposals, please feel free to contact us by email ( cbra@cross-border.org ). Cheers, Juha.

Future project topics and themes:

  • Cargo crime (including cargo theft, smuggling of stolen goods)
  • Customs fraud (including duty, VAT and excise fraud)
  • Counterfeit crime (production, distribution, sales etc.)
  • Global trade and logistics in illicit narcotics / drugs
  • Illicit trade and logistics in endangered species (CITES)
  • Illicit trade and logistics in natural resources
  • Waste crime (including electronic waste)
  • Automotive crime (including anti-smuggling)
  • Pharmaceutical crime (including parallel trade)
  • Trafficking of human beings and people smuggling
  • Intentional violations in labor laws, working conditions etc.
  • Insurance fraud in global supply chains
  • Cybercrime in global supply chains
  • False identities and identity theft in global supply chains
  • Corruption / bribery in global supply chains (business-to-gov.)
  • Organized crime in global supply chains
  • Terrorism in global supply chains
  • Sea piracy in global supply chains
  • Big data in crime prevention and detection
  • Air transport and airport security
  • Maritime transport and sea port security
  • Rail transport security
  • Road transport security (including secure parking areas)
  • Postal operator and express courier security
  • Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) –programs
  • Compliance management
  • Customs risk management
  • Coordinated border management
  • Trade facilitation


Research roles and tasks for CBRA:

  • Literature reviews, both academic and practitioner
  • Surveys and case studies
  • Compendium and book production
  • Master plan development on supply chain security, trade facilitation, coordinated border management etc.
  • User requirements collection and analysis
  • Stakeholder analysis, both private and public sector
  • Business process analysis and re-engineering
  • Policy and regulatory impact assessments
  • Supply chain security technology analysis
  • Technology and policy roadmap development
  • Trade, logistics and customs data analysis and modeling
  • Crime analysis
  • Taxonomies on crime, regulatory violations etc.
  • Security management models and tools, including 8-layer model and security performance measurement
  • Governmental approaches in crime prevention and security
  • Risk management and risk assessment approaches
  • Standardization activities (national, CEN, ISO etc.)
  • Cost-benefit studies, including assessment of socio-economic impacts
  • Illegal economic benefit and cost of compliance –models
  • Simulation and optimization models and tools
  • Foresight scenario techniques
  • Human resources and supply chain security management
  • Workshop facilitation, including public-private workshops
  • Awareness building and information observatories
  • Information dissemination, including conference organization
  • e-learning solutions and services
  • Serious games for learning

La mirada en el horizonte 2020

Horizon2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation program ever, with €80 billion in funding. CBRA aims to play an active role in H2020.

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