Profile of the SCRM Consortium: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

The Supply Chain Risk Management, SCRM, Consortium was born out of an MBA classroom setting at Lehigh University, back in 2011, while exploring the impact of supply chain disruptions on global supply chains. Founded by Gregory L. Schlegel, CPIM, CSP, Jonah, Executive-in-Residence at Lehigh University and Adjunct Professor of ERM at Villanova University, the Consortium has grown to include 18 companies who bring unique core competencies in supply chain risk in an effort to “Identify, Assess, Mitigate and Manage Risks”, in complex supply chains. These competencies emanate from a new book and range of SCRM education, risk quantification, global risk event alert solutions, Business Continuity Planning, Enterprise Risk Management, ERM/Risk Register solutions, Supply Chain Cyber Security, Supply Chain Mapping solutions, and, much more.      

Now what is SCRM?  The working definition inside the classroom and   the new book describes it in the following manner. “Supply Chain Risk Management is the implementation of strategies to mange everyday and exceptional risks within the supply chain through continuous risk identification, assessment, mitigation and management with the objective of reducing vulnerability and ensuring sustainability.” The Consortium’s view of SCRM is driven by its new 21st Century Supply Chain Risk/Maturity Mode that is presented in the following diagram.


The Maturity Model contains four stages, basically formulating a roadmap for SCRM success. The stages, Visibility, Predictability, Resiliency and Sustainability have many elements supporting the journey, including tools, techniques, methodologies, tactics, frameworks and more. With the model as a foundation, the SCRM Consortium provides risk education, solutions and advisory services in an effort to identify, assess, mitigate and manage risks throughout the supply chain. The Consortium recently produced some concrete outputs, namely:

  • First-of-a-kind book on SCRM;
  • Over 40 public SCRM workshops worldwide, during a three-year period;
  • Over 20 articles and whitepapers published in three years;
  • Cloud-based Risk Assessment Tool licensing agreements;
  • Co-creators of the APICS Certificate in SCRM;
  • Co-creators of the new Certification, “SC-R”, Supply Chain Resiliency, with The Logistics Institute of Canada;
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Training for several mid-western state NGO’s;
  • Over 15 conference speaking engagements in three years;
  • In-house training and consulting for several large manufacturers across multiple industries;

The 2017 calendar is “action-packed” with new tools, techniques, methodologies and solutions coming on board throughout the year. Below are a few exciting new deliverables coming to fruition in 2017, again, all in an effort to Identify, Assess, Mitigate and Manage supply chain risks.

  • Lehigh University will be supporting the Consortium’s expanded education product portfolio with Certificates in SCRM and SCR&R, Supply Chain Risk & Resiliency, through new Case-based, Tool-based, Team-based, Instructor-led courses around the globe.
  • The Consortium is embarking on developing a “First-of-a-Kind” Online SCR&R course culminating in a Certificate from Lehigh University.
  • The Consortium is moving forward with a “First-of-a-Kind” SCRM Simulation-Game to demonstrate the basic concepts of the body-of-knowledge.
  • The Consortium will be speaking and running workshops on SCRM, SCR&R in the USA, South Africa, Hong Kong, China, Germany, England and the UAE.
  • The Consortium will be expanding the SCRM body-of-knowledge into the “Fast Fashion” arena with workshops at LIM College, in New York City.
  • The Consortium has and will continue to run SCRM workshops for the US Department of Defense, in conjunction with the National Defense Industrial Association, NDIA.
  • Several research projects will be launched at Lehigh University, including an expansive study on the ERM Operating Frameworks – capturing, codifying and classifying the attributes of four classic Risk Perspectives and Appetites.
  • The continuation of Classroom MBA SCRM courses at Lehigh and Villanova Universities.
  • Several SCRM engagements for global manufacturers around the globe across multiple industries.


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