INTERPOL World 2017, set in the vibrant city of Singapore brought together law enforcement agencies, government bodies, academia, security professionals and solution providers together over four days of networking and information exchange this July. The event which included both a global exhibition and congress aimed to stimulate collaborations between stakeholders, and encapsulate the vision of a safer world engaging government, organizations, and strategic think-tanks in a multi-stakeholder approach.

The INTERPOL World Congress featured over 40 speakers across the public and private sectors, addressing pressing concerns related to Cybercrime, Safe Cities, and Identity Management.

INTERPOL World 2017 allowed CBRA to showcase our approach and strategies in tackling global supply chain security concerns. Mr. Mike Ellis MSc (CBRA Senior Advisor on Illicit Trade) delivered a presentation during the INTERPOL exhibition promoting the activities of CBRA and highlighted our cooperation with INTERPOL on the FP7-CORE project.

In addition, many international suppliers and manufacturers, presented their own innovative solutions for public security, supply chain and perimeter security.  CBRA recognised that digitalization has led to increased use of identity-related information linking vehicles, ships and devices – among many other lessons learned during the event.

A recurring topic during the event was how modern technology has evolved to allow criminals greater ease of international travel and operate in an anonymous world of virtual business, to disrupt commercial and public stability.

Mike Ellis emphasized the need for national law enforcers to maintain a multi-stakeholder approach to combat against the many security challenges in the operational landscape, stating ‘Supply chain security will only remain effective providing we cooperate across all disciplines’.

Finally, the INTERPOL World Expo highlighted how the growing transfusion of data and information can be crucial in securing supply chain, as an estimated 50 billion devices will be connected to one another by 2020, and, how trade corridors and border security initiatives will see an estimated USD $ 105 billion spent in those areas.


CBRA Blog on 12.7.2017, by. Mr. Mike Ellis