Mr. Greg Schlegel on Supply Chain Risk Management

supply_chain_risk_management_uHi Greg, and thanks for agreeing to be interviewed by CBRA – right at the time of the opening of our new website… First, can you please tell a bit about yourself, your background, and what you do today?

Juha, my pleasure. First, congratulations on your new web site, it looks great! And, on behalf of the Supply Chain Risk Management Consortium, we want to welcome you and the Cross-border Research Association to our family of Supply Chain Risk evangelists.

My background is pretty varied. I spent about 30 years as a supply chain practitioner, managing large-scale, complex supply chains for several Fortune 100 companies. I then began my consulting experience with IBM and spent seven years as a Supply Chain Executive Consultant. I’ve been teaching at the University level throughout my professional career. I’ve taught at six US universities and presently teach Supply Chain Risk Management at Lehigh University and ERM, Enterprise Risk Management at Villanova University, both here in the States. Presently, I’m the Founder of The Supply Chain Risk Management Consortium, which originated out of the Risk MBA class at Lehigh University.

I’ve also been a lifelong member of APICS and was APICS’ President back in the late 90’s.

You mentioned an  interesting keyword, the Supply Chain Risk Management Consortium. Another one is SherTrack. Can you please elaborate a bit on both, starting with the SCRM Consortium?

Sure. The Supply Chain Risk Management Consortium was born out of our MBA classroom setting at Lehigh University, back in 2010, while exploring the impacts of supply chain disruptions on global supply chains. The Consortium has grown to include 15 companies who bring a unique set of core competencies in supply chain risk. These competencies range from SCRM education and body-of-knowledge, to risk identification and quantification, supply chain mapping, ERM, Business Continuity Planning, Identifying, Assessing, Mitigating and Managing risks, and more.

Thanks, and what about SherTrack?

SherTrack is a member of the Risk Consortium. I’m a Principal at SherTrack. We’ve been developing and deploying Stochastic, Probabilistic Models for about 10 years in an effort to solve complex supply chain problems. SherTrack maintains a vast library of Predictive Analytic Models that have begun to solve complex supply chain problems in the areas of Rail Car Management, Manufacturing Scheduling and S&OP “What-if” Scenario Planning. SherTrack’s models have supported several supply chain risk engagements calculating probabilities of occurrence and profiling how complex supply chains react to demand and supply disruptions with statistical confidence.

Good to learn about the both… Any interesting plans for year 2016 you could share with our readers?

Absolutely! Next year is shaping up to be quite exciting for the entire Risk Consortium. We will be facilitating about 20 supply chain risk workshops around the globe. We’ll be publishing another 10 articles in several magazines and blogs and will continue to support APICS’ new Certificate in SCRM and will be developing a Supply Chain Resiliency certification with a global logistics organization. We’ll be teaching SCRM at Lehigh, Villanova and GCU, Glasgow Caledonia University in New York City. We have several client engagements planned for 2016 and are developing a new and exciting approach to digitally mapping complex supply chains and turning those chains into a First-of-a-Kind global “Heat Map” to accelerate Identification, Assessment, Mitigation and Management of supply chain risks. Our new book, “Supply Chain Risk Management: An Emerging Discipline”, continues to remain in the Top 10% of titles on Amazon. Very exciting!

Thank you for this interview –we at CBRA are looking forward to working with you Greg and other SCRM Consortium members as of January 2016!


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