FP7-project RISING (CORE3004)

Summary: RISING is a project co-financed by the European Commission (DG MOVE) within the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. RISING has the overall objective of identifying, integrating and further developing information services such as River Information Services (RIS) in order to efficiently support Inland Waterway Transport (IWT) and logistics operations. This review of reference projects and specification of reusable outputs has been authored by Marcus Engler and Arne Gehlhaar of ISL. Original review and source files can be found in CORE e-library with coding CORE3004. More information on the project at: http://www.rising.eu/

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Inland Waterway Transport (ITW) has become an integral part of todays co-modal transport and logistics chains in Europe. As such, the IWT sector has to comply with many requirements of supply chain management (SCM). Effective transport infrastructure and high-performance Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) must be further developed which play a key role in this process. Therefore there is the need to exploit existing and identify new River Information Services (RIS) for almost every step of an IWT-based process. This process starts with planning, then execution is done and the process is completed later on.

Following potential RIS services for transport-logistics players will be enhanced in the project’s framework:

  • RIS information for voyage planning of IWT operators providing data on water level, water depth, maximum height/bridges, berth availability, lock occupation (actual and predictions/forecasts) used for routing, stowage planning, etc.
  • RIS information for the fleet management of inland navigation including unpropelled inland vessels, by identifying their current position and status of operation.
  • RIS information facilitating event management, i.e. voyage monitoring for IWT operators, freight integrators, inland port operators, sea port operators providing status information, e.g. vessel positions, passing waypoints, missing administrative reports, predictions of problems in continuation of the voyage.
  • RIS information for both inland/sea ports and terminals management by providing Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) updates for e. g. transshipment operations, management of terminal resources and of pre- and post-haulages

RISING relevance to CORE: The main contribution towards CORE from the project RISING is anticipated for CORE WP2, ST 2.2.3, the localization and tracking solutions for ‘Other Modes’ since ST2.2 is divided into Rail and Other Modes. Moreover business SC dashboards and planning tools of other CORE WPs might benefit from the components created. This intended contribution from RISING towards CORE is the following in detail:

For any multimodal supply chain event management RISING defines two main components for the special needs of Inland Waterway Transport. These are an Event Service Modules (ESM) which provides access to RIS (River Information System) and RIS-like services that can supply relevant information to support IWT based logistics, e.g. water levels for changing vertical clearances (e.g. at bridges, shallow river parts). The second one are Event Management Components (EMC) which provide information in terms of events to be integrated into multimodal operational transport or terminal management software systems. Moreover one of the Event Service Modules (ESM) is a Positioning Service providing current river or canal position data requested for a specific vessel. This information can be found in greater detail in the RISING D2.1 Event Management Components Specification. The concepts and findings are transferrable to other modes.

The second source of information is RISING D4.1 System Specification of transport and logistics related River Information System services (RIS-TLS) which contains on the one hand transport-related services in order to support commercial operators. Selected RIS services were enhanced and modified as well as new services are developed and a pilot implemented. On the other hand following RIS-TLS services or important activities have been investigated and/or specified: a RIS services facilitating fleet management (RIS-TLS.1): composed of the identification and positioning of unpropelled vessels (RIS-TLS.1-1), a fleet Management Application (RIS-TLS1.-2) and a RIS Web Services for transport and logistics (RIS-TLS.1-3) with a Positioning Service in the international context and Terminal Operating Web Services.

The CORE development in WP3 and WP4 might make use of the existing descriptions of RISING D2.3 Harmonised Concepts. This documentation contains schemas implemented for the demonstrator of the project, e.g. ETA services, positioning services, water level and vertical clearance and other.

Related Documentation: RISING DeliverablesDissemination Level PU: Public

  • Rising Project Summary.pdf
  • D7.3 Rising Booklet.pdf
  • D2.3 Harmonised Concepts (could be obtained by the authors)

Dissemination Level CO: Confidential, only consortium members and Commission Services

  • D4.1 System Specification of RIS-TLS
  • D2.1 Event Management Components Specification

Project and Project Partners websites (more information and data source):


Proyecto FP7 RISING (CORE3004)

Resumen: RISING es un proyecto cofinanciado por la Comisión Europea (DG MOVE) dentro del 7º Programa Marco de Investigación y Desarrollo Tecnológico. RISING tiene el objetivo general de identificar, integrar y desarrollar aún más los servicios de información tales como Servicios de Información Fluvial (RIS, por sus siglas en inglés) con el fin de apoyar de manera eficiente el  Transporte por Vías Navegables (IWT, por sus siglas en inglés) y operaciones de logística. Este comentario de los proyectos de referencia y las especificaciones de los resultados reutilizables ha sido escrito por Marcus Engler y Arne Gehlhaar de ISL. Los archivos originales se pueden encontrar en la biblioteca electrónica CORE, con la codificación CORE3004. Más información sobre el proyecto en: http://www.rising.eu/
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