Review COM(2014) 527 EU Strategy and Action Plan for customs risk management (CORE1028).

Summary: This Communication puts forward a strategy for improving customs risk management and supply chain security (‘the Strategy’) and a table of priority actions (‘the Action Plan’). Original files coded CORE1028, in the CORE e-library.

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Each priority in turn is developed in the action plan, in terms of actions to be taken and deliverables to be achieved. Furthermore, the strategy seeks to ensure that customs is more coherent, efficient and cost effective in a way that reflects today’s realities. The action plan sets out specific measures to achieve this, together with the actors responsible and clear deadlines for doing so. The main priorities in the strategy and action plan for improving customs risk management are:

  • Efficient controls and risk-mitigation;
  • Data quality (IT systems for processing entry summary declarations);
  • Information sharing;
  • Interagency cooperation;
  • Cooperation with traders;
  • Capacity building; and
  • International customs cooperation.

Sets out four underlying principles of EU customs risk management of the supply chain:

  • ‘Assess in advance, control where required’;
  • Multiagency cooperation;
  • Multi-layered and coordinated approach; and
  • Efficient use of resources

It then proposes measures to be taken by the Commission and the Member States in cooperation to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the EU-wide risk management framework. These include:

  • Improving data quality and filing arrangements;
  • Ensuring availability of supply chain data and sharing of risk relevant information among customs authorities;
  • Implementing control and risk mitigation measures where required;
  • Strengthening capacities where deemed necessary to support more effective and efficient risk management;
  • Promoting interagency cooperation and information-sharing between customs and other authorities at the Member State and EU level;
  • Pursuing partnerships with legitimate economic operators, supply chain actors and logistics providers; and
  • Exploiting the potential of international customs co-operation


  • Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council and the European Economic and Social Committee on Customs Risk Management and Security of the Supply Chain. COM(2012) 793 final. European Commission, Brussels, 8.1.2013
  • Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council and the European Economic and Social Committee on the EU Strategy and Action Plan for customs risk management: Tackling risks, strengthening supply chain security and facilitating trade. COM(2014) 527 final. European Commission, Brussels, 21.8.2014


Revisión COM (2014) 527 Estrategia de la UE y el Plan de Acción para la Gestión del Riesgo de Aduanas (CORE1028).

Resumen: La presente comunicación propone una estrategia para mejorar las gestiones de riesgos en aduanas y la seguridad de la cadena de suministro («la estrategia») y una tabla de acciones prioritarias («plan de acción»). Los archivos originales están codificados como CORE1028, en la biblioteca electrónica CORE.

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