Review of Electronic Customs Multi-Annual Strategic Plan 2014 REVISION (CORE1052)

Summary: The Electronic Customs Multi-Annual Strategic Plan (MASP) 2014 REVISION is a management and planning tool drawn up by the European Commission in partnership with Member States in accordance with Article 8(2) of the e-Customs decision. All the CORE demonstrators are affected by the MASP. Original review files are coded as CORE1052, in the e-library of the CORE project. Source file at:

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The Decision on the paperless environment for customs and trade – ‘Electronic Customs Decision’ -(Decision N° 70/2008/EC)-, the electronic customs initiative aims at establishing secure, interoperable electronic customs systems for the exchange of the data to:

  • Facilitate import and export procedures;
  • Reduce compliance and administrative costs;
  • Improve clearance times;
  • Coordinate the approach to the control of goods and application of the legislation;
  • Ensure proper collection of duties and charges; and
  • Enable a seamless flow of data between the parties involved and allow re-use of data.

The electronic customs project initiated by the European Commission aims to replace paper format customs procedures with EU wide electronic ones, thus creating a more efficient and modern customs environment. The project’s dual objective is to enhance security at the EU’s external borders and to facilitate trade. It should therefore benefit both businesses and citizens.

The Commission drafted a plan which sets down the vision, objectives, the strategic framework and the milestones to implement the electronic customs initiative. The MASP is also intended to provide interested parties with a short overview and background information on projects and key issues related to the evolution of the electronic customs initiative and the present state of play.

The MASP has been referred to as the necessary instrument to justify budgetary requests made by national customs administrations, as well as to ensure overall governance of legal, business and IT-technical aspects of new IT projects in the area of customs.

This MASP Revision provides a complete and up-to-date overview of all future customs projects and envisaged IT requirements as well as a detailed planning. It further reflects progress in diverse policy domains such as the Union Customs Code, Authorised Economic Operators Mutual Recognition, Safety and Security and Single Window.

This MASP Revision also contains a list of implementation actions covered by MASP project fiches (see Annex 2). It also includes a timetable which is to be agreed on and thus to be respected by all involved parties (see Annex 1).

Relevance for CORE: The CORE implementation objectives, which specify what will be done and how to reach the vision, are all subject to the Policies, Regulations and so to the electronic customs initiative. The following Work Packages are directly impacted by the MASP:

  • Research and Analysis: Undertake requirements analysis and impact assessment. The project will undertake requirements analysis from different perspectives. In WP1 we will consolidate reviews of the MASP.
  • The Demonstrators: The CORE demonstrators will validate the applicability and benefits of the CORE approach in representative operating scenarios characteristic of the global supply chain.
  • Multi-Annual Strategic Plan (MASP) 2014 REVISION is important for the data pipeline concept.

Cross-references and citations:

  • Regulation (EEC) No 2913/92
  • DECISION No 70/2008/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 15 January 2008 on a paperless environment for customs and trade.
  • This document is known as the electronic customs Multi-Annual Strategic Plan (MASP). It is a management and planning tool drawn up by the European Commission in partnership with Member States in accordance with Article 8(2) of the e-Customs decision (Decision No 70/2008/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 January 2008 on a paperless customs environment for customs and trade, OJ 2008, Nº L23, p. 21). Available to General Pubic at the website of the European Commission/Taxation and Customs Union/Customs Policy Issues/Electronic_customs_initiative.


Comentario del Plan Estratégico Multi-Anual de Aduanas Electrónicas REVISIÓN 2014 (CORE1052)

Resumen: El Plan Estratégico Multianual de Aduanas Electrónicas (MASP, por sus siglas en inglés) REVISIÓN 2014 es una herramienta de gestión y planificación elaborado por la Comisión Europea en colaboración con los Estados miembros de conformidad con el artículo 8 (2) de la decisión de la aduana electrónica. Todos los demostradores de CORE se ven afectados por el MASP. Los archivos originales se codifican como CORE1052, en la biblioteca electrónica del proyecto CORE. Fuente:

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