On-going projects

  • Pan-European Network of Customs Practitioners (PEN-CP)

    • Duration: Sep 2018 – Jan 2025 (77 months)
    • Mandate by: EC under European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No. 786773
    • Expected outcome(s): PEN-CP collects and analyses customs security user need ideas, across the six PEN-CP customs security themes. PEN-CP Security themes are Big data and risk management, Detection technologies, Laboratory equipment, Security performance measurement, Customs-to-customs and other gov.agency cooperation and Customs-to-business partnerships. PEN-CP monitors and categorizes security innovations and innovators –projects, products, prototypes, patents, companies, research institutions, university labs etc – in the broad context of six customs security technologies and management approaches; seeking innovation ideas even outside of customs domain (e.g. police or forensics). The outcomes of the continuous online and offline monitoring are shared on the PEN-CP platform, in an easy-to-use-and-search format. PEN-CP generates matches and analyses gaps between the security innovations and innovators versus, security user need ideas in the context of six customs security themes and with the PEN-CP Innovation Funnel.
    • CBRA’s role: As the project coordinator CBRA is responsible for project management, dissemination, communication and community building. CBRA is a leader for multiple tasks including supervision of PEN-CP online platform development and monitoring technologies, products, services, projects and patents within customs domain, and beyond.
    • Project URL: https://www.pen-cp.net