Review of TRANSPark truck parking service (CORE1041)

Summary: As a response to the increasing security concerns surrounding goods transport by road, the IRU Membership has been providing information on safe and secure truck parking areas to road hauliers and truck drivers for more than two decades. Since the early 1990s, this information was disseminated in the form of a printed handbook. In 2007 the online website was launched.  In 2013 a smartphone app was launched. Currently initiatives are taken to encourage the use of TRANSPark globally. It does not have much documentation available, except promotional fliers and the website and the app themselves. Available to the General Public at: and through the Android and iPhone TRANSPark app, which can be downloaded from the stores. Overall relevance to CORE is high, as truck transports constantly risk being attacked by organised crime with the aim to either steal fuel, cargo or potentially even to use a truck for terrorist purposes. Therefore, ensuring that trucks are parked at safe and secure truck parking areas is essential for drivers, road hauliers, shippers and other stakeholders involved in supply chain security.

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Full review: The current strengths include: Bringing information on safe and secure truck parking areas to drivers and road hauliers; Offering a driver-haulier-shipper-enforcement social network, enabling info sharing on latest road cargo related security threats; and providing flexible platform with expected future expansions to further ensure information sharing between key road haulage actors. Future opportunity is: Using this established communication channel for two-way information sharing with truck drivers, road hauliers, shippers and enforcement. And future threat is: The success of this community, as any other, depends strongly on the uptake by users.

Detailed analysis and relevance for CORE: The CORE implementation objectives depend on securing every element of the supply chain, and ensuring swift information sharing between different actors. TRANSPark could be relevant to following Work Packages:

  • Research and Analysis: TRANSPark-relevant information could contribute to understanding the amount of crime against road hauliers on roads, such as fuel theft and cargo theft.
  • Demonstrators: TRANSPark webservice and app(s) could be made available to the CORE demonstrators. Certain TRANSPark functionalities could be amended to suit CORE developments better, in all demonstrators where trucks need to take a rest or stay at truck parking areas.

CORE Impact anticipation: CORE could have a strong impact on future developments of the TRANSPark webservice and the app. The service is constantly evolving and is looking for new ways to improve security of the road haulage for drivers, hauliers, and other relevant stakeholders.

App and video:

Available to General Public at:  and through the Android and iPhone TRANSPark app, which can be downloaded from the stores.

Youtube video on TRANSPark:


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