Review COM(2012) 793 Customs Risk Management and Security of the Supply Chain. (CORE1001)

Summary: The purpose of this Communication is to: (i) review the implementation of customs risk management policy; (ii) put forward a strategic approach for the years ahead; (iii) make recommendations for action with a focus on efficient deployment of resources. Effective risk management of the movement of goods through the international supply chain is critical for security and safety and essential to facilitating legitimate trade and protecting the financial and economic interest of the EU and its Member States. There are critical challenges to be tackled and these cannot be fully resolved at Member State level but require EU action to complement and reinforce the efforts made at national level. Relevant for all of CORE, and specifically for Customs issues, e.g. WP14 Demonstrator FALACUS- FAstLAne through CUStoms. Coding in CORE e-library is CORE1001. Read more

Resolution on combatting corruption in Europe, 1996 (CORE1022)

Summary: Resolution on combating corruption in Europe. (1996). Official Journal C 01 , 22/01/1996 P. 0443. Refers to criminal organizations and their interest to influence on supply chain operators in order to execute criminal activities. Relevant mainly for CORE WP19 on education and training. Full review and source files are coded as CORE1022. Source file at:
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