WCO T&I Forum 2015

Call for papers and posters for the Research Track at the World Customs Organization Technology & Innovation Forum 2015.

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FP7 EcoHubs and ecoTAURUS review (CORE3006)

Summary: This review on reference projects, specifying reusable outputs, focuses on FP7-EcoHubs: Message-based Access Points and on ecoTAURUS. The aim of the EcoHubs project is to produce an infrastructure and a range of value added services which are driven by leading European intermodal terminal operators. The author of this review is Konstantinos Vasileiou, ILS. Coding for CORE e-library is CORE3006.
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ECSIT Report Summary (CORE3005)

Summary: This reference project review focuses on German national funded research project ECSIT: Enhancing container security through non-contact inspection at the seaport terminal. The work done in ECSIT in non-intrusive inspection devices should be continued and refined in CORE ST2.3 Next Generation Scanning System. Furthermore the ECSIT AP7 Demonstration of the system might be used as a good working example for organization and operating plans towards the CORE ST 2.3.4 Field Demonstration. More support from ECSIT might be given to CORE T7.3 Scenario-based simulation and towards US-based Demo WPs for the broadly discussed and approved scenarios how to survey container with a multi-layered inspection approach in mind. The authors of the review are Marcus Engler and Matthias Dreyer, ISL. You can find the full review and original files in CORE e-library, with the coding CORE3005. More information on the project at:
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FP7-project RISING (CORE3004)

Summary: RISING is a project co-financed by the European Commission (DG MOVE) within the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. RISING has the overall objective of identifying, integrating and further developing information services such as River Information Services (RIS) in order to efficiently support Inland Waterway Transport (IWT) and logistics operations. This review of reference projects and specification of reusable outputs has been authored by Marcus Engler and Arne Gehlhaar of ISL. Original review and source files can be found in CORE e-library with coding CORE3004. More information on the project at:
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