Section B – Security guidance for the truck drivers | Chapter 4


While driving to your destination it is imperative that you remain alert to your surroundings at all times. Be aware that criminals are also capable of stealing your cargo while the truck is in motion – even in full speed – thus you should be aware of any suspicious activity around your truck:

While driving, keep all doors locked, and windows up.

  • Cargo thieves, stowaways or terrorists may try to enter the vehicle, particularly when moving in slow speed, but also when moving in high speeds.

Keep a reasonable distance from vehicles in front of you so that you have the ability to maneuver the truck quickly if needed.

  • Cargo thieves, stowaways or terrorists may try to force you to stop, for example by driving cars in front and behind your truck.

Watch out for vehicles that may be following your truck.

  • If you suspect you are actually being followed, stay calm and inform the police and the back office.
  • Do not speed or otherwise compromise traffic safety.

If you are accompanied by a team driver or a driver’s assistant, ask him to monitor mirrors and camera systems to detect suspicious activities while you are driving.

  • Pay attention to the mandatory rest periods, which may override this advice.

Do not pick-up passengers unknown to you.

  • If you do pick-up unknown persons, there is a risk that these persons may be involved in cargo theft, stowaway smuggling or perhaps terrorism.