Section B – Security guidance for the truck drivers | Chapter 7

Forced stops

A forced stop is defined as impromptu stop along a route conducted by police or other competent authorities who are carrying out control and inspecting activities. However, there is a risk that criminals can impersonate police officers, construct road blocks and do whatever they can to deceive truck drivers to stop and to steal their load. You should be guided by the following recommendations so as not to be fooled by criminals to get you to stop:

If stopped by police officers, only open cabin window after officers have showed their badges.

  • Immediately inform the back office and keep an open line of communications to the back office until police officers have proven their identity.
  • If you feel confident with officers’ IDs, follow their instructions.
  • If your suspect that bogus officers are trying to stop you, call the police and your back office.
  • Always stay safe, and never resist.

If the police direct you to a police station, activate security devices and ensure that your truck and cargo are guarded while you are away from the cabin.

  • Inform the back office that you are proceeding to the police station, giving them details of the location.

If you have any doubt concerning the authenticity of officers or any vehicle attempting to stop you, stay in your cabin with the engine running, and request to be escorted to the nearest police station.

  • Stay in your cabin and keep your windows and doors locked.
  • Inform the back office that you have been stopped.
  • Do not do anything that would put you at risk.