Section B – Security guidance for the truck drivers | Chapter 8

Change in journey plan

From time-to-time it may be necessary to change an original journey plan due to an unforeseen event along the route such as a traffic accident, a major roadworks or flooding, among other possible causes. Any change to an original journey plan must be communicated immediately to the back office outlining the new route, revised schedule and stopover locations, as applicable. Consider the following recommendations to make sure that any change to the original plan does not expose you to unnecessary security risks:

Avoid changing the journey plan which you have planned.

  • If you must change your originally planned journey / route, inform the back office about the new route, revised schedule, stopover locations and any expected delays.

Be skeptical on any requests to change of delivery address.

  • Be aware that cargo thieves may mislead you to deliver goods to a wrong address.
  • Call the back office to confirm the change.

If you get lost, keep calm and try to determine your location yourself.

  • Call the back office.
  • Only then ask passers-by to tell you your location (rather than directions).
  • Note that opportunistic cargo thieves may use your situation to guide you to an unsecure location.