Section B – Security guidance for the truck drivers | Chapter 10


The area in the vicinity of your delivery destination can often be an area of risk and security vulnerability as criminals target your arrival. The following security guidelines are recommended prior to completing delivery of your shipment:

Inform the consignee in advance about a change in the delivery time, either early or delayed, either directly or through the back office.

  • The sooner the consignee knows about changed delivery time delivery, the quicker a revised unloading slot can be organized and the less time truck is exposed to theft outside the consignee’s premises.

Deliver only to consignee and delivery address written in transportation documents.

  • Make no exceptions without approval from the back office.

Confirm that consignee is the correct one and ask for identification.

  • When making the delivery to a location or warehouse at a destination which does not show the name of the company, ensure that the load is handed over to the correctly identified assignee.

If available, follow a map and instructions received from the receiving company.

  • When making a delivery, it is critical that a shipment is delivered to the correct location. If the delivery address location is not clear for you, obtain a map and instructions from the receiving company to ensure accurate reception.

Inspect seals for signs of tampering before the removal. Pull and twist standard band seals. Check that bolt seals spin freely in barrels and they have no glue on them.

  • To ensure the integrity of the shipment at handover, validate with the receiving personnel that seals are intact and seal numbers are consistent with what is written on documents.
  • The driver should invite the consignee to inspect the integrity of the seals securing the shipment prior to removal

Start facilitating unloading as soon as possible.

  • Cargo is usually more secure inside premises, therefore avoid any undue delays to unload the goods.

Hand over transportation documents to authorized recipient only.

  • Have proof of delivery signed by the consignee and send a copy of this proof electronically to the back office.

Monitor unloading operations personally if possible.

  • On the completion of your journey, and if possible observe the unloading and delivery of the shipment from your truck at the warehouse.

If the delivery warehouse cannot take delivery on arrival, you should drive to the safe location which has been agreed in advance with the back office.

  • You should have an agreed alternative safe harbor location in the vicinity of the end destination warehouse, where you can wait safely for your delivery time slot.