Section B – Security guidance for the truck drivers | Chapter 6

Control zones

Border crossings, seaports, and other controlled zones are security sensitive areas where special rules apply for vehicles and transported goods. When entering a controlled zone with your truck you should be aware that customs and other border control agencies may inspect your vehicle, cargo and/or transport documents. At the same time, you should be aware that criminals and stowaways may also operate in this area and you should therefore consider the following security advice when entering a control zone:

In the event that you are required to wait for Customs clearance or other border formalities outside of the control zone, go to the nearest secure parking place and contact the back office.

  • Having a predetermined safe harbor location in the vicinity of the control zone ensures that you can proceed quickly to a secure location, eliminating risk and uncertainty while you wait for your slot to cross the border.

If your trailer or container is resealed by Customs officers, document the new seal number and communicate it to your back office.

  • Take a time stamped photo of the new security seal.
  • Ensure the integrity of the seal and that it has been properly affixed.

Please follow these special instructions at high-risk border crossings, for example before embarking on a ferry or rail shuttle to the UK and from North African harbors to Europe.

Physically check the fabric, roof and security devices of the vehicle

  • If there is evidence of damage, tampering or unauthorized access, if possible take a time-stamped photo of the evidence and call the police and your back office.
  • Carefully check the panniers, wind deflectors and axles as stowaways may be concealed.
  • Check seal numbers and re-apply security devices

Consider conducting a thorough manual check of the load and cargo space.

  • This is particularly important if you were not able to secure your vehicle throughout the full journey.

Determine whether someone has tampered or gained access to your vehicle.

  • Take a time-stamped photo of any evidence of tampering.
  • Report it immediately to competent authorities and your back office.
  • Do not investigate yourself or put yourself in any kind of danger.

If agreed with your management, record the checks made on your checklist.

  • This could cover checks undertaken at loading, after every stop and before entering the control zone.